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What is remapping?

Getting the most out of your car in terms of performance and economy is a great way to improve your overall driving experience while saving money on fuel costs over time. You may be surprised to learn that it can be done in as little as 30 minutes through the use of’remapping.’

How does remapping work?

Remapping a vehicle replaces the factory's default settings and software on the ECU with new software that can be tweaked and customised to the owner's specifications (within legal limitations). When a vehicle is remapped, the old ECU software is overwritten when the customised software is plugged into the serial port of the vehicle (sometimes referred to as an OBD port). This simple functionality has greatly simplified the process of tuning a vehicle and has created numerous jobs for tuning engineers and specialist ECU software developers.

Remapping a car have an instant effect on speed and power; some remapping claim to have improved horsepower by 30-40bhp and torque by up to 80nm in some situations! It improves control over the fuel injection, airflow, sensors, and other features (within legal limitations). The engine of a car becomes more responsive, allowing the driver to overtake with greater ease. This can also reduce the amount of gear changes required by the driver, allowing them to manage circumstances requiring more torque without falling down to lower gears.


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