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Gloss Garage provides the finest and smoothest service in the town. It is the best destination for car care, ceramic coating, professional car detailing and protection film.

Gloss Garage x Fireball

India's first garage to partnership with world's leading car care products company. Fireball is a South Korean brand well known for innovative use of silica-dioxide(SiO2) chemistry and nanotechnology in developing car care products designed to complement modern ceramic coatings.

Authorised Detailing Studio

Only car detailers who have gone through the demanding Fireball hands-on training courses are authorized to apply Fireball Ceramic Coating. All means of transport are likely to become damaged in one way or another and for many reasons over time. This is why Authorised Detailing Studio is there to have a go at enhancing your vehicle ownership experience.

Fireball 9H Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is definitely good for your car, as its liquid polymer that bonds with the paint on a molecular level on your car to give an added level of protection. Fireball 9H Ceramic Coating provides protection as well as permanent glossy shine to the surface. It creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. It also gives longer-lasting weather protection to your car.

Paint Protection Film

To protect the car's paint from stone chips, scratches and minor abrasions, Paint Protection Film is applied to car's surface. PPF have the magic ability to heal your car as well as to make it shine. Our Paint Protection Film lasts longer and gives the best shine.

Premium Quality Car Wash

Car wash is perfect for those who drives regularly and those who don't as it is a very easy and affordable way to protect value and maintain appearance. We provide premium car wash which involves a basic exterior shampoo and interior cleaning including a vacumn and wipe down of hard surfaces.

Professional Detailing

We provide Interior and Exterior Detailing, which includes a systematic round of activities that focuses on maintaining the vehicle's best possible condition. This is achieved by removing both visible and invisible containments from vehicle's interior and polishing the exterior to its original blemish free finish.

Why Choose Us

Gloss Garage was founded by expert vehicle detailers and car enthusiasts who saw a need to establish the perfect store and network for car aficionados.

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Highly skilled and qualified staff committed to providing you with first-class service.

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We have dedicated ourselves to your service with passion over the years.

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We treat your cars as our own, and thus we guarantee the best service.

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Our business is built on the principles of quality, efficiency, and innovation.

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Our Customers Say

We know we are good but hear from our beloved customers, or you can say, ‘Our Gloss Garage Family’.

“Great place to get your car repaired. They are honest, trusted, and have competitive pricing. I have taken several cars there to get fixed over the years and every time I’ve gone there they have been great to work with. They only fix what needs to be fixed and don’t try and up-sell you on unnecessary things”
Rajesh Chaudhary
BMW Owner
“I took my Porsche in for some front end work and it was fixed the next day. The staff was very professional and friendly. The price was pretty much what you’d expect, but it is worth it for the peace of mind. They back their work with a great warranty. I would recommend Gloss Garage”
Rohan Shah
Porsche Owner
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